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Important Note: DNN Corp has taken out the DMX Integration as of version 06.02.01 of DNN! This will not be reversed. Instead, DMX 6.1+ offers the possibility to add DMX folders as so-called folder providers to DNN. This has some limitations with regard this solution, but it will work for most of you. See this post for more details:

Note: This provider has been incorporated into the core distribution of DotNetNuke.  As a result active development on this project has moved to

The dnnWerk RadEditor Provider is a simplified RichText Editor Provider for Teleriks RadEditor in DNN 5. While it loads faster than the provider that is shipped with DNN it also adds flexibility and an easy to maintain configuration interface. All configuration and setup is done through the provided configuration module.

Why another provider for the RadEditor?

The goal of the dnnWerk provider was to make use of the many capabilities that come with the RadEditor. That's why we have implemented a content provider that handles the file selection dialogs and got rid of all the code that checks for file / folder permissions each time the editor loads. The provider gives you an easy UI where you can control toolbars and other configuration aspects. Based on the original provider that used to be shipped with the editor by Telerik we also implemented an easy way to have dedicated configuration sets per user role, portal and even portal tab.



DMX Integration. The editor can now show a DMX tree by installing the DMX add-on.
See the documentation for full details how this works.








So, what's in exactly?

  • All toolbar configuraton done through toolbar config, no permission checks on editor load
  • content provider to handle the explorer like file selection dialog. All permission checks are done here on dialog load
  • ability to set start folders for each file selection dialog (images, documents, media, templates, etc...)
  • UI module to configure the editor (configuration and toolbars)
  • UI module to switch providers (edits the web.config)
  • ability to edit the paragraphs dropdownlist directly from with the config module
  • ability to load a css file for the editor from your skin directory - easy WYSIWYG!
  • bypasses handler configuration in the web.config by providing the corresponding files
  • overrides default css styles that would break the editor UI
  • ability to have dedicated configurations per user role. You may have a configuration for hosts, admins, users and guests. Each of them may also be portal or tab specific.
  • ability to link text directly to portal pages without the need of opening a dialog

What DNN version do I need?

The provider has been built against DNN 5.2.3, so all releases from there should be OK.

How does it work?

Installing the provider is as easy as with any other module. Simply upload through the extension upload wizard in DNN. the learn more, read the documentation found here: 

And what's next?

We have a few things in mind that would make the provider even more powerful:
  • Dropdownlist with tokens that can then be added to a HTML content
  • Automatically open images in a Fancybox style popup

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